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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 31, 2012 1:05am-1:40am PDT

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>> jimmy: sharon jones and the dap kings, their album is "soul time" a bonus track on jimmy i want to thank howard stern, tracy morgan. apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time. tomorrow night david letterman and vampire weekend will be here. thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow, brooklyn!
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and it is happening in the south bay tonight where police move in to capture a suspected it bank robber who kept them on edge for hours. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. the s.w.a.t team was ready to swoop in, but persuasion worked as well as force. this all happened tonight in an apartment complex in santa clara near saratoga avenue. alan wang is there live. take us through it. >> dan and carolyn, santa clara s.w.a.t had the suspect holed up and surrounded in the white apartment come plek --
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complex right behind me. an hour ago the man walked out and gave up. this all started around 3:00 with an armed bank robbery about three miles away in san jose. as soon as police realized the suspect was in one of the apartment units, they immediately started evacuating the residents. in all six people were rushed to safety and police negotiators took over from there. >> within the last two hours approximately, we were able to have some two-way dialogue with the suspect until he successfully and safely surrendered. >> reporter: gore yaiters -- negotiators threw a phone through a window and used it to talk to him. sat this time san jose police have not released the name of the suspect who they believe robbed the bank of the west at 2200 business circle. again an armed robbery suspect who was holed up for several hours gave up peacefully and six residents were safely evacuated from that apartment
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building. alan wang, reporting live in santa clara, abc7 news. >> thank you. the contra costa sheriff's office is looking at a man in their custody. he was tased earlier this afternoon. sky 7hd flew over the martinez detention facility. they closed the jail for five hours. deputies were taking a 58-year-old man to a holding cell when he was combative. they used a taser to get control and they say medical staff checked him after that incident. a deputy found him unresponsive in his cell around 2:30 this afternoon. he was pronounced dead at the hospital a short time later. as you may have seen in the past hour, super storm sandy is slowly winding through the east coast with a trail of devastation left behind. at least 50 people were killed because of the storm. tomorrow the president will see the damage in new jersey firsthand. many coastal communities are completely flooded. the full moon lead to higher tides than normal.
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that did not help. the winds pushed the water inland. the damage is just overwhelming. damage repair could cost up to $20 billion. electric crews will restore power to more than eight million customers still in the dark. brandy will look at the bruised and battered east coast. >> the emergency is not over, but new yorkers are venturing outside tonight. >> the reports are we won't have power until saturday. >> it is because of the strong winds and rain. this debris is all that is left of a hundred homes that went up in flames in breezy point, queens. it will take days to pump out all of the water from the subways, the tunnels and get transportation up and running again. >> do you want to come out? >> water rescues continued for those who did not want to leave their home in new jersey. >> heartbreaking. >> downed trees and wires
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litter the northeast. look what happened to this tree when the saturated soil could no longer support it. they now surround the shore. >> the pier came out from underneath it, and it fell on to the ocean floor. >> we are also still without power in lower manhattan. and 4,000 utility workers are traveling from across the country to this region to help restore the power. abc news, new york. >> the airlines canceled about 6,000 flights, 500 more scheduled to be canceled again tomorrow. that includes all flights going into and out of laguardia in new york. the tarmac is still flooded. nearby jfk should reopen at noon tomorrow. newark is set to reopen at 7:00 a.m. despite these airports opening soon, most east coast flights were canceled. only one red eye heading east
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took off. that's the 10:40 jet through flight from -- jetblue flight from boston. for more on delays and cancellations go to as you have seen this storm is causing problems and from the very beginning sand -- sandhya patel has tracked this powerful storm. >> as we looked at post tropical storm sandy it is winding down, but far from through with the east coast. let's take you in closer and we will show you where it is snowing. so far two and a half feet of snow, maryland, west virginia in the mountains and they are still counting over 12 inches of rain in some parts of the northeast. and as you can see, heavy bands of rain and thunder are continuing to move in across main and also headed toward boston. as i show you this you report photo, you will see what 90 mile an hour wind dusts can do.
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blizzard warnings as you look at the computer animation. it doesn't really wind down until at the soonest sunday afternoon or sunday evening. switching gears, the san francisco giants victory parade taking place tomorrow, and it is going to be a winning forecast. it is looking dry. back with the details in a few minutes. >> speaking of that parade, the city of san francisco is putting the finishing touches on it right now to honor the world champion giants. fans are gathering at civic center plaza. that's where hundreds of thousands are expected tomorrow. cornell bernard has a preview for us. >> the stage is set here at city hall to celebrate the giants everywhere you look. folks are already starting to gather and checking out the imrand strand where the giants parade will pass by. >> a big party being planned at city hall where it is all about banners and hundreds of
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balloons. celebrating the giants' world series win. >> at pier54, they are stapling up a storm. joy i just do what i am told -- >> i just do i am told. i staple. >> they have one goal, cover the floats from front to back in orange and black in time for the victory parade. >> now we can go through the floats like termites them ready. i suspect don't stand here too long. they probably will decorate you. >> giant support staff will ride on the float. the players themselves will travel the parade in vintage cars. organizers say the parade will be bigger in score than 2010, the last time the giants won the world series. the marching band from greeacticing for the practicing for the parade. >> right now there is excitement at the school and everyone is jealous. >> they are breaking out the giants beer cups. on larkin street, most of the tables are gone to make room
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for fans. >> we stocked all of the beer. we have cases and cases. it is like st. paddy's day. it is make sure we have enough of effing. >> our team in the city is ready for a great celebration. >> the mayor wants everyone to come down to celebrate the giants, but leave your car at home. >> walk, get muni, get on a bike, but please use public transportation to get through the parade route. >> that's because hundreds of thousands of people will be coming down here. what is a victory parade without confetti? a ton of bio do gradable orange confetti will be launched from the top of buildings on the parade route. and despite all of this, a group of european tourists came up to us and asked what was going on? we filled them in and now we know tomorrow is all about the giants. cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> indeed it is.
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thanks, cornell. as cornell just mentioned, mass transit is your key to getting to the parade. bart will be offering longer trains and more of them all day. cal train and muni will be running extra train. some of which will be rerouted. golden gate ferry is adding service. we have all of the specifics on our website at and you can watch the parade live wednesday right here on abc7 news starting at 11:00 a.m. we are also streaming it live on and on our ipad app. >> we will be with you for that. this just in, san francisco police say they have arrested the man seen in a photo vandalizing a muni bus during the giants celebrations sunday night after they won the world series. this picture, 22-year-old gregory tyler granice was taken into custody tonight. police say they acted on a number of tips that poured in after this photo went viral, showing the man smashing the windshield of a muni bus. he was charged with felony vandalism. up next, disney's
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blockbuster announcement. luke skywalker is joining mickey mouse and the disney family of characters. george lucas tells why he is selling the company. >> and this tells half of the story. what happened to the surfer riding the board. >> and why angel pagan had taken on the task at a fast-food restaurant today of t. and then later on "nightline." >> on "nightline" the path of incredible destruction across the eastern seaboard. we are on the ground where rescue teams are searching forta the stranded. and in a small new york town
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mouse are now working for the same boss. the walt disney company paid more than $4 billion for lucas films creator of "star wars." the deal includes industrial light and magic in the presidio, but not skywalker ranch in marin county. george lucas was thinking of selling the company for the past four years and was intent on it going to disney. he refused to shop it around. >> now we have somebody that
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will help us go into the future in a way that we can never dreamed. >> disney has a unique ability to expand the content as we have proven with our successful acquisitions of both pixar and marvel. >> the deal brings lucas film under the banner with a promise to expand the "star ande seven is already in the works and there is talk of a television series as well. lucas will remain a consultant on the film. another shark attack off the coast of california, and tonight a surfer is badly hurt. it is the second in a few days in fact. the fatal attack happened last week in southern california and another happened at noon off the humboldt coastline. john is here to explain why this time of year means sharks get closer to people. >> today's incident follows the fatal attack that happened in southern california. there have been several noninjury shark encounters this year. it is why some surfers call this month sharktober.
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the image on the surfboard says it all. a chunk taken out by what is believed to be a great white shark. it seriously injured a 25-year-old surfer off the coast of humboldt county. he had a 14-inch gash from his ribs to his hip. >> we hoped on him right away. me and another guy that happened to be an emt. we hoped on top of him and used our body weight to hold it in and make sure he wasn't bleeding too bad. >> another victim put him in his truck and rushed him to waiting help. >> they were in the back of the car and applying pressure to the wounds. the guy was in shock, but he was still conscious. >> less than a week ago, another surfer was killed in santa barbara county, apparently by a great white. from september through december, sharks head toward the coast to hunt elephant seals and other prey. one of the prime feeding grounds in northern california is known as the red triangle which goes from .reyes to big
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surf. big sur. he is a marine biologist. >> sharks are ambush predators. they see a silhouette that looks like a seal or sea lion we think, a case of mistaken identity. they let go and realize it is not their favorite prey. >> on sunday morning a surfer started -- stated he saw a shark at ocean beach in san francisco. they say it comes with the territory. >> sharks are here all times of year, but if you want to surf you have to ignore the notion of fear. there is nothing you can do about it if they are in the water under you. >> experts say the risk of being attacked by a shark is very low and survive ability is often high. tonight that surfer from humboldt county is in fair condition. dan? >> thanks very much. let's go back and talk about that storm, sandy, that caused so much destruction on the east coast. it kept millions of americans in door, but it did not keep many from watching television and movies.
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netflix reported a 20% increase in video streaming nationwide from sunday to monday and viewer ship doubles -- doubled. they were looking for entertainment. >> we are expecting a bit of a change. some wet weather was moving in. >> the question is the parade and trick or traitors. >> dan and carolyn, the parade is looking fine. trick-or-treaters, not so fine. we have our own radar on mount saint huh lena. it is seeing clouds and fog. as we look to the north here, we are seeing some beginning signs of the rain that is coming our way just off the crescent city coastline here. as we look at the temperatures they are in the 50s. mountain view at 60 degrees. here are the visibilities. fog reducing visibility down to three quarters of a mile. first thing in the morning you will likely run into fog and even spotty drizzle.
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a cloudy day for the giants parade and a rainy night for halloween for trick-or-treaters. some of you may get lucky and some not so lucky. so drizzle first thing in the morning. it will be spotty. the temperatures are low to mid50s. you will see quite a bit of cloud cover and areas of fog. so be careful out there. give yourself extra time. rain arrives tomorrow afternoon with this cold front here. look at the moisture. it is impressive. we are going to get some periods of heavy rain. first thing tomorrow morning you will need a jacket. it will be on the cool side. the morning parades for the little ones are looking a bit on the damp side in some spots. it is just drizzle. we are not worried about downpours. at 1:00 the front arrives, and you will notice the rain line is moving in around ukiah and the santa rosa area. at sunset at 6:11 the rain is moderate to heavy in the north bay. it starts to move into parts
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of the east bay san francisco and down toward the santa cruz mountains. as we head into 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 pretty much everybody is getting wet and scattered showers for that morning commute. it will all wind down into thursday evening. rainfall totals are looking impressive. north bay mountains an inch and a half. half an inch to an inch in the north bay, and we are looking at less across the rest of the bay area. it will be breezy and at times we will see brief downpours. low 60s to low 70s. around the monterey bay, close to the 60s. here is a look at the victory parade. mid50s. partly cloudy skies and it is really clouding up by 4:00 p.m. lead together rain by the evening hours so to be on the safe side carry the umbrellas
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for the little ones. the accu-weather seven-day forecast morning showers on thursday and then dryer, warmer weather for your weekend. don't forget to fall back sunday at 2:00 a.m. we go to standard time.mike wile mike will be here 4:30 and continuing until 7:00 a.m. with complete weather updates including when the rain is arriving. >> thanks, sandhya. coming um next from world series star to taco maker. >> why angel pagan spent
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pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. for giants fans. a world series win and a parade tomorrow and free tacos today. a special guest handed out the dorritos locos tacos. the giants' outfielder angel pagan worked the taco line. he loves the giants fans and he is proud to be someone they can look up to. >> who ever comes there, if you believe, you can accomplish many things. look at me. we just won the world series. >> taco bell promised to hand out one free taco if someone stole a base during the world
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series. he did just that in game two. the promotion is now over. you had until 6:00 p.m. to claim your free taco. >> well, we want to see your giants pride. viewers are sharing their pride picks. it is a giants fan watching the world series. you can trough her a -- you can call her a true panda cub. look at this art work. that is a carving of buster posey on that pumpkin. send photos to u report at kgotv .com. or go to twitter at abc7 news bay area. >> all of our people will be out. >> it will be really fun. >> we will see more buster posey pumpkins. >> that is very cool. >> a little eerie. >> giants are about to celebrate, of course. spider-man picks up some gold in the outfield p while the
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josh red -- reddick was named a gold glove winner. he climbed the wall to make incredible catches. this is unbelievable. the first outfielder to win a gold glove since duane murphy. it has been awhile. he lead the a's with 32 home runs. the a's said goodbye to dallas braye den who threw a perfect game on mother's day in 2010. he came back from shoulder surgery and didn't pitch at all. he refused to go to the minors. braye den will become a free agent. it is possible he could return to oakland. the nba opened a new season tonight. the champion miami heat had the commissioner on hand for the pre game ring ceremony. >> and their thoughts and concerns, those affected by the tragedy of hurricane katrina and its aftermath. >> oops. obviously mr. stern meant hurricane sandy. to the highlights and miami
1:35 am
opening gets the celtics. lebron and company enjoying the ring. the newest member of the heat ignored by his old tea garnet. alan did not get mad. he got hot. 19 points. chris bosh whooping with lebron and this would be with authority. 26 for law brn. got testy late. duane wade clothe lined by rondo. a flagrant foul. in game one, animosity. the heat open with a win 120-107. new look lakers nash and howard joining kobe bryant. lakers and mavericks and nash starts the game with a three. his first shot going down for l.a. lakers running the princeton offense and does not work. right here it is a dunk howard.or howard. but this is a bad move for mike brown. he steels it away from nash and lays it in. i speak the french and i like it.
1:36 am
inside to curry who has not done anything for a decade. lakers win it 99-91. will he play for the warriors in their opener in phoenix. he did practice today. he is coming back from a variety of injuries. he doesn't sound like jackson is ready to play him yet. >> i would love to know right now. this is what we are dealing with. and we are going to be very cautious when he steps on the floor. we are going to be smart understanding that we need him for the long haul and not just tomorrow night. >> abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> thanks, larry. >> you are french. >> i don't know. "nightline" is next. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. thanks for joining us. abc news continues tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. >> we will see you tomorrow for th [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet
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manhattan this morning. brandi, we thank you for that report. and they knew it would be bad, but the intensity and cope of sandy took even the most seasoned weather experts by complete surprise. >> no one thought it would be this bad. after covering storms for decade. abc's sam champion was amazed as he rode out this one in the hardest hit area of manhattan. >> reporter: after 30 years of covering storms, there was no doubt in of my mind that sandy was going to be the superstorm predicted, simply because no super-charged hybrid storm like
1:39 am
this had ever made landfall. it was a hurricane wrapped in a nor'easter. we are standing as the rolling water laps over the edge. there is already a white kapp. i knew there would be serious flooding by the next high tide. you can't see the edge of the fence. i can't get there anyway. that means the water is about this high there. just after 10:00 monday night, i was stunned to realize the extent of that flooding. there we were, all surrounded by water now trapped on an island inside an island, looking for a way to get out. first driving south, then east, and then north, only to find a blockade of water at every turn. we had no choice but to retreat to the highest possible spot and wait out the night. we were lucky. the water went down in a matter of hours and we were able to get out. frl others who have suffered the the effect of sandy, the way to be clear of those effects will be much longer. sam champion, abc newsne


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